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This vortex T-shirt features the brand's crest design on the front and a striking message "PAIN SHAPES A MAN INTO A GENTLEMAN” printed on the back in a font design used by a certain famous magazine. This T-shirt is made of 100% cotton yarn.
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The original design and layout of this print T-shirt was created from scratch using the "silver/white ratio" used in traditional Japanese temples and architecture through numerous discussions among the creator team.

The front of the T-shirt features the brand logo with a crest motif. The front of the T-shirt features the brand's logo with a crest motif, and the back has a striking message "PAIN SHAPES A MAN INTO A GENTLEMAN" in a font design used by a well-known magazine.

Printing was commissioned to a trusted Japanese factory with a long-established reputation. Skilled craftsmen carefully handcrafted everything from the printing plate to the printing process. By applying multiple layers of prints, the contrasting and luxurious finish that makes the lines of the font stand out will surely elevate your coordination just by wearing it.

※Please note that due to the hand-printing process, fine lines of 1mm or less may appear blurred on individual pieces.

The body of the T-shirt is made of EVANS, which is gaining popularity as a standard BIG T-shirt for adults. The BIG silhouette, which looks as if the shoulders of a basic T-shirt have been widened, has a rough atmosphere, yet goes well with elegant pants.

The fabric is jersey-knit cotton using 100% VORTEX yarn, a special spun yarn with the least amount of fluff that is finished by utilizing the swirling current of air. The bio-finishing process gives the fabric a three-pronged texture of "elegant", "tough", and "soft and comfortable with just the right amount of bounce without being stiff".

The print is reflected beautifully on this tightly woven fabric with little fluff. The more you wash it, the more it adapts to your body and the more you can enjoy the changes in texture and expression.

Washing Instructions

  • This product may discolor if exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light for an extended period of time, so please be careful where you wear and store it.
  • Dark-colored products may fade slightly when washed, so please wash separately from other laundry. Also, please note that color may migrate slightly due to perspiration, friction, etc.
  • Please use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
  • When washing, please shape the garment and hang it to dry immediately.

Use a laundry net, do not leave on a dryer, and do not iron.

100% cotton

Made in Japan

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