The four pursuits of GENTLEMAN PROJECTS

Dear visitors to the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store. Here we would like to share with you our four pursuits.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS' COMMITMENT (1) "The pursuit of a 'new basic style common to the world'"

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS is the pursuit of a contemporary, sophisticated and basic style, conceived through fixed-point observations in major fashion cities such as tokyo, milan, paris, london and new york. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS embodies this theme in the form of clothing.

We research shifting styles and trends in real time, not only through research trips to different parts of the world, but also through connections and information exchange with stylists, photographers and editors working around the world.

In my travels around the world, I have met men who are dedicated to their ambitions and work hard to achieve great goals. What many of them have in common is a simple, unorthodox style, yet they stand out from the crowd.

Through the brand, we offer items that embody the sophisticated style of men who shine in different parts of the world.


GENTLEMAN PROJECTS' COMMITMENT (2) "Pursuit of 'practical, high-quality materials'"

The materials we use for our GENTLEMAN PROJECTS clothing must be of a quality that radiates luxury, yet can be worn on a daily basis without hesitation.

Even if the fabric is perfect in terms of luxury, it will never be used if it is too delicate to be worn on a daily basis.

As well as the perspective that the raw materials are rare, of high quality and pleasant to the touch, emphasis is also placed on practical aspects such as high durability, ease of care and a thickness that is not transparent.

In addition to developing original fabrics, we continue to research fabrics that can guarantee the best performance in everyday life by exploring and negotiating with all fabric manufacturers on a daily basis.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS' COMMITMENT (3) "Pursuit of 'manufacturing in partnership with specialist factories that share our ambitions'"

All GENTLEMAN PROJECTS items are produced in specialised factories with significant experience and strength in their field.

We visit reputable factories and production areas in the industry directly and develop partner factories on a daily basis. Different regions and factories have different industries and strengths, and the quality of the finished product can vary considerably, even for items of the same design.

In addition to having the best technology in the industry, we only work with factories that share the style we want to achieve. We believe that by working together, we can put our soul into each and every stitch and further enhance the perfection of our products.

For example, the popular knitwear collection 'Woosteris produced in partnership with a long-established factory in Japan that has been specialising in the production of middle to low gauge knitwear for about 70 years. The collection mixes modern materials and silhouettes with good old traditional sewing techniques such as "linking", which are now being lost.

The body is designed and prototyped from scratch, not only for knitwear as an example, but also for a single plain t-shirt, and staff members wear the garments in their daily lives without fail to closely check whether the silhouette, sewing and specifications are appropriate for the fabric.

Experience the attention to detail and craftsmanship that is not apparent at a quick glance.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS' COMMITMENT (4) "Pursuit of 'satisfactory price and service'"

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS aims to be a brand where everyone can buy high-quality daily wear at affordable prices. The brand is a buffet restaurant that serves food prepared by a chef from a three-star restaurant, or a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where you can enjoy sushi made by the best chefs, using the finest ingredients and rice. Rather than the generosity of the service or the luxuriousness of the restaurant's setting, we put our whole heart and soul into the quality of the products we offer.

Costs that have little relation to the benefits of the products actually felt when worn, such as setting up luxury physical shops to provide One to One customer service and heaping on accessories, including luxury hang tags, are kept to a minimum. All budgets generated by this are returned to the cost of the product.

Due to the above management policy, to be honest, the scope of customer support, the speed of response and the quality of the materials used to pack the products may often seem lacking compared to other services.

However, we are delighted to know that there are still customers who support our brand, purchase our products and are registered GENTLEMAN PROJECTS members.

We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, as we are always in pursuit of perfection in the four areas mentioned above. We are confident that our current and future customers will be satisfied with the products we have achieved in our pursuit.

If you share any of the above four pursuits of GENTLEMAN PROJECTS, we would be delighted if you would take a look at our products.